16 August 2010

Thick & Rich Hot Cocoa

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One of my other favourite websites is EatingWell. They take regular recipes and change them to be healthier while still tasting good. I made this thick hot cocoa today. I halved the recipe, used low-fat milk and added a teaspoon of instant coffee, because I've read coffee enhances the chocolate taste. I also added extra sugar for my brother, but it was too sweet for me. Next time I'll stick to the recipe.

This is just like chocolate pudding, which I love, and it works out a lot cheaper than buying it ready-made. It's easy to make, chocolatey and healthier than eating chocolate every day.

Fun fact: Cocoa has more anti-oxidants than red wine and green tea.

You can see how thick it is in this photo.

I will definitely make this again.


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